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Eyvindr Bjarnylr – Order of the Ram’s Horn

Didn’t know much about this recipient.  There wasn’t much of a write-up, but I was able to get in touch with Skarp, and get his side of the story.  I wish I had a little more room to add some more detail.

I used a larger brush for the dots, though the bristles weren’t even, so even drawing little circles turned out to be a little square.  Also, not a fan of the Bulletproof Black.  two days after drying I still couldn’t erase the pencil lines without the ink beginning to smudge some.

Materials:  Bristol smooth finish paper, Noodler’s Bulletproof Black ink, Brause #5 nib, and a Brause (unknown) pointed nib, and watercolor paints.

I didn’t think of doing progress photos because it was started right after the previous one (Padtraig’s Sapphire).  In hind site, I could have taken some as it’s still a unique scroll.

Sources:  Cotton MS Vespasian Psalter for the layout and design, and The Book of Kells for the adapted Insular Half-Uncial script.


Additional Photos:


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