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Siona Dunleavy – AoA

Another collaboration with Lorita and I gotta say, this one turned out really well.  We changed things up a bit due to the amount of lead time we had.  I had the opportunity to come up with words, the paper, and finish the calligraphy before having the Illumination done.  I have to say, it made the calligraphy a lot less stressful.

Big props to Lorita!  She took her inspiration from the Book of Darrow and do a really good job on the knots!

Some things I learned:  Walnut ink does NOT like Archers hot press paper.  The finish is nice, but something about the ink starts pulling up fibers.  A more pigmented ink would be much better.

From the cut-sheet:

Like a bird takes to flight, so did Siona Dunleavy take to the Society. Such energy and devotion she has shown in everything she does. From making her own garb before her first event, learning how to fashion her own jewelry, eagerly joining a dance, or lending a hand when needed. Such is her burning urge to contribute, she provided fire to the bards when they were without. Thus it is with great pleasure that we Ioannes and Honig, Emperor and Empress of the East, do make her a lady of our court and Award her Arms to be borne by her and her alone:

(pssst, get some arms)

Done by our hand on this First of April, Anno Societatis Fifty One at the Coronation of Ioannes and Honig in our Barony of Dragonship Haven.

Words and Calligraphy: Lord Faolán an Sccreccain

Illumination: Lorita de Siena

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