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Meadbhb Hawtin – Order of the Silver Rams Horn


The second scroll that I’ve done completely on my own.  There were some lessons learned, but it was a fun project.  For my skills at the time, I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Materials:  Archers Hot-pressed paper, Guache, Iron Gall ink, Dragonsblood ink, Windsor & Newton Silver ink, and Pelikan Gold paint.

Inspiration:  Excerpts from the Cotton Manuscript Vespasian Psalter.

Lessons:  The black work was done, with ink not paint.  Which allowed for a little finer detail work.  The script in the original was an Insular-Majuscule, which at the time I was not familiar enough with.  If I were to do it again I’d use the appropriate script, and maybe add some between line “translation” notes in Insular-Minuscule.


Let it be known that We, Jean-Paul DuCasse and Lylie Penhyll, Baron and Baroness of Concordia of the Snows do recognize Meadhbh Hawtin for her contributions to fencing in Concordia.

Cheery in disposition and lethal with a blade, Meb has proven herself to be a conundrum to battle on the field.

Happily, she will chat with you, then slaughter you upon stepping into the list.

Precise in control and gentle in touch, she has proven herself in combat.

To honor her ambition, her prowess, and her skill, do We make her a member of the Concordian Order of the Ram’s Horn.

Done this 12 day of November, A.S. LI at Bjorn’s Ceilidh in the Barony of Concordia of the Snows.


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