Scrolls Made

Olaf Haraldsson – Maunche


Be it known that We, Brennan, Ardrí of the East, and Caoilfhionn Our Ardrígain, have long observed the activity in the Art of Stone Carving by Our most noble servant Olaf Haraldsson. With hammer and chisel, he has shaped and carved gifts, decorations, and awards in stone.
Dedicated to his craft, he expands his knowledge to include the writings of the Norse, so that his creations could be more accurate and true.
His passion he freely shares in demonstrations and classes so that others may learn and create their own art.
We know him to be worthy of recognition and advancement for the improvements caused in Our Realm by his tireless efforts.
Therefore do We create him a Companion of Our Order of the Maunche, by these letters and the great acclaim of the Companions thereof.
In witness whereof We have set Our Hand this 30th day of September, Anno Societatis LVIII(58), at Bloodfeud In The Danelaw in Our Shire of Coldwood.