Scrolls Made

Lady Hilde Perdue – OSB

This was a fun one. Originally we had not planned to go to the Barony Beyond the Mountain / Bergental Yule. A friend was getting elevated to the Order of the Pelican, but we didn”t think we could swing the logistics of it. Our friend, Jen, offered up her family to dog-sit Ivy, in exchange for a ride. With the hurdle of “what to do with Ivy” out of the way, we wrapped up projects and packed for the event. While we packed, something in the back up my head was nagging me to bring my scribal kit. I should have listened. I didn”t listen, but I should have.

The three of us made it to the event, played our parts, got things done, and then prepared to ride out the rest of the event. Then it hit.

It was just about noon when a friend came hurrying down the hall towards me, asking me if I had my kit because the queen needed help with something. I didn”t have my kit, but I had some practice pens and misc. stuff, so I panicked a little. I decided to run with the idea anyway to see if I could help, at the very least get a better person, if the task turned out to be too great.

My friend takes me to the Queen and takes off. I find out in very brief words that there”s a scroll she wants to give out, today. (adds event expedient tag to post) That is, she found someone worthy of the order but didn”t want to risk not being able to give it out at a later date.

Her Majesty of the East laid out her wish, showed me the blanks available, and sent out two retainers. One to verify the spelling of the name at Gate and the other to talk to Padraig so she could formulate words for me to pen.

I picked out a scroll blank done by Malys MacGregor and sat down to start penciling lines. I dove into my back, grabbed the red and black ink 1.5mm Pilot Parallel pens, dug around for my spare mechanical pencil… and it was gone. Gone!

My savior was the daughter of Prince Magnus Tindal, not only did she lend me a pencil from her kit when no one else had one, but some post-it-notes as well! I now had the tools I needed to create guidelines, and create guidelines I did!

Lines ready, words ready, let”s do this!

Thankfully my clear hand-guard has two right angels on it, I was able to create a nib ladder and stencil out of the two post-it-notes. A huge thank you to the Wordsmith, she did an awesome job getting details in while keeping the words lite. I don”t see how it could have been more perfect.
Calligraphy Start Time: 15:15
Calligraphy End Time: 14:27
Words: 80
Total Time (with breaks): 1hr. 15min.

As the hours pass, an object forms in the her hands, building layers upon layers, glass shapes to her will. Research, Precision, and love guide her as she creates jewels. Hilde Lerdue shares her knowledge and art with all. I, Margarita, Queen of the East would make her a companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch. Done on the 7th of December, A.S. 54 as we celebrate Yule with the Barony of Bergental and the Barony Beyond the Mountain.

When I started I was running under the impression that Royal Court started at 15:30, which it did, but the Baronial courts were first. Royal Court started around 5, so I had more time than I had originally given myself. Realizing this, I felt a little foolish for pushing myself as hard as I did.

Royal court happened, the scroll went out, Hilde loved it as did Padraig, joined the entourage for Ecaterina, watched her be inducted into the Order of the Pelican. I was pretty happy with how Royal court went.

And then the Queen threw me for a loop.

At the very tail end of court, before its closing, she called up individuals that helped inspire her that day. She had been impressed with how I just kind of walked up with a “how can I help” and gave up a chunk of my day to make her wish come true.

My Laurel pulled me aside after the closing of court and said “so that”s where you disappeared to! Dude! You did awesome!” I made her very proud.

Day made.


  • 2 – 1.5mm Pilot Parallel fountain pens. One with red ink the other with black.
  • 1 – Straight edge
  • 2 – post-it-notes (borrowed)
  • 1 – pencil (borrowed)

EDIT: found out that her name was wrong after the fact, she still loved the scroll and the sentiment carried with it.