Scrolls Made

Gareth Lockwood – AoA

Another Cadel inspired from the Mira Calligraphia! And I think I’ve started to unlock how to construct them in my brain. I started studying the following L and then converted the image to B&W to help me focus on the lines needed. I found that the natural background was messing with my focus. This little change made a big different in how I was able to process the strokes. Then it was time to get down to practice!

That’s right, four. Four attempts before I put gold ink to paper. To say I’m not proud of myself would be a lie. There’s deviation in each one, and you can see where I ran with it and started to give it a life of it’s own. I was a little saddened that I couldn’t come up with some special personal reference that would fit how I liked, so I settled on adding little flourishes to help fill in some of the white space and give it some body.

I was also very happy with how the lines broke! I didn’t have to break any words or fill gaps. I did have a plan to not cut words and just fill gaps with flourishes, which I was kind of looking forward to, but it wasn’t needed.

Now to start working with more wordsmiths to get more words!


Let it be known to all that We, Matthias Rex and Feilinn Regina have found the many good works and services of Gareth Lockwood to be of merit. Most especially his drive “to fight with swords and get better at it”. And get better at it he has. Attending practice after practice, he was able to improve his skill and serve as Baronial Champion, attaining the visibility he so rightly deserves. Thus, on this Second day of March, Anno Societatis LVIII (58), We are moved to Award unto him Arms to be borne by him alone: (like the deadliest riposte, the arms are unseen)
Done by Our hand at Kingdom A&S Champs in Our Barony Beyond the Mountain.


  • De Atramentis Document Black ink
  • Winsor & Newton Gold ink
  • Tape 1mm Nib
  • Bristol 9×12


So, upon delivery of the scroll I was asked “Did you mean to put the wrong group down?” Wait, what? That’s right, the scroll went out in the Sire of Quintavia NOT the Barony Beyond the Mountain.

I figured out, what went wrong. In short a lax in process following on my part.

While I was putting the words together and plugging information into the template, I missed a very important step that I usually follow, and that is to verify the exact event name from and copy the location out of the same listing. This time however, I went off of the event listed in the write-up. I then saw a group name, Barony Beyond the Mountain (BBM), in the write-up and assumed it was the event location. Boy howdy was I wrong. BBM was the location the person was from, not the event. So, lessons learned.

I did bring it up with the Baroness of BBM, who wrote him in, and assured me that it’s okay. Him having his AoA was the important part.