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Francisco de Braga – AoA


Greetings unto the populace of the East.  Pay heed all who hear these words that Ivan and Matilde, Tsar and Tsaritsa of the East have heard great tales of the service of Francisco de Braga.  At Novice Schola, long hours did he spend in their Majesties’ kitchen, making ready the pots and pans for the next feast.  At the Tourney of the Daffodils, much aid did he lend to moving supplies around the site.  At John Barleycorn, Francisco assisted in breaking down the range, returning again to make sure nothing was left behind.  Time and time again Francisco has proven that he has aid to offer.  Thus We are moved to Award him Arms to be borne by him and him alone so that others my know his worth.

<Your Arms Here>

Done this 10th day of February, Anno Sociatatis LII (52) at Our Kings and Queens Arts and Sciences AND Bardic Championships in Our Crown Province of Ostgardr

This scroll came together pretty well.  The text was cake, until my hand guard slipped up, UP! and tried to take out the second to last word.  The P is a little dark, but I was able to salvage it.

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