Scrolls Made

Bergsveinn Hondbrotna – Order of the Silver Tyger


So this past Saturday was the 100 Minutes War in North New Jersey. I dropped off a scroll at East Kingdom Royal (EKR) and noticed the clerk looking worried. Come to find out that there may have been some miscommunication on a scroll assignment due that day. I let her know, if she needs any help, I’ve got my kit and to let me know the sooner the better.

A few hours later I’m at the Archery range with my daughter, who was curious about archery and my wife comes running up to me, “honey, do you have any scroll blanks here?”


“okay, get them and head to EKR, they need help”

I grab the scroll blanks out of the car, grab my kit from the main hall. “Hey Faolan, looking for your wife?”

“Nope, looking for my kit”

“Oh?… Oh! Here you go, hope it goes well!” (She knew what was going on by the look on my face, I’d help her in a similar situation before.

And off I run to EKR. Upon arrival, I find out that there was some miscommunication and the words had been done, but not the actual scroll. Time check, 3 hours until Royal Court starts.

The time was filled with the Court Heralds, who were trying to organize the timeline of events for Court, bantering and letting new arrivals know that they need to “Walk Softly! There’s a Scroll In Progress!”, and “Don’t make the scribe laugh!”. Now would be a good time to mention that I’m self-managed ADD, so yeah, distractions abound! No, there was no place for me to hide without the recipient possibly seeing the scroll in progress, other than EKR.

2.5 hours later, I put my pen down and the royals take the opportunity to sign the scroll. Before I can do clean-up on it the Heralds whisk it away and file it in order for Royal Court and they all line up outside in preparation to process in and begin Court.

The Good: I guess right on the size of the nib to use and line spacing. 1mm Leonard Tape nib with exaggerated ascender/descender height for the Bastard Secretary script. The number of words was JUST Right, I didn’t have to change anything on the fly. 2.5hrs and done with minimal breaks. With the rushed time, the majority of the text turned out really well. I’d like to credit the daily /r/calligraphy wotd for keeping me proficient in all my scripts that I practice. Many passers-by let me know that they were impressed with the quality and speed I was working.

The Bad: No cleanup. A lot of connectors on the Ws were dropped because I couldn’t get the nib to cooperate fully for all of them.

The Ugly: Started the last line on the descender space, which caused me to re-line the entire bottom of the scroll. I really wish I’d been paying more attention, but I got distracted.

Materials: Walnut Ink, 1mm Tape nib, paper unknown. Yes, that’s real gold leaf.

Words:  Kaylie McWhyte

Illumination:  Fiona O’Maille

Calligraphy:  Lord Faolán an Sccreccain

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