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Garith Greylever – Award of Arms

garith-greylever-aoa-2I had the pleasure to again work with Lorita.  The timing of the pieces worked out very nicely.  I had plenty of time to put a little more polish on my Insular Half-Uncial.

Words:  Unto all who hear these words that We, Brion King and Anna Queen of the East, have found the many services of Garith Greylever to be of much merit. For many a year tirelessly he has been attending to those in his camp. Often he is found providing drink to the weary and food to the hungry. Great efforts he does put into improving the experiences of those around him. Thus, We are moved to Award unto him Arms to be borne by him alone: (dude, arms!) Done by our hand on this 19th day of November Anno Societatis LI, at the 100 minutes War in Our Shire of Rusted Woodlands.

Words & Calligraphy: Lord Faolán an Sccreccain

Illumination: Lorita de Siena

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