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Kyra – AoA

Short quick Award of arms. Her Highness Margarita of the East was listed as the point of contact. She was able to provide some information that I could use for the words.


Let it be known to all that We, Luis Rei and Margarita Reina of the East have found the many good works and services of Kyra to be of much merit. Most notably are her equestrian prowess, her love and ability to care for all animals, and her ability to be the resolute voice of reason when needed.  She has also dedicated much time to honing her skill in backing up her point, with a thrown point.  Thus, on this 5th day of October, Anno Societatis LIV (54), We are moved to Award unto her Arms to be borne by her alone:
(Someone’s going to need aaaaarrrrrrrmms).
Done by Our hand at The Coronation of Luis and Margarita in Our Shire of Montevale.


  • DeAtramentis Document Black ink
  • Dr. P.H.Martins Gold Ink

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