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Katharine Slough – OSC


Another fine collaboration with Lady Lisabetta Medaglia.  This one went wonderfully!  After we accepted the assignment she was able to get me the dimensions for the calligraphy space.  While she started her layout I got to work on my first actual wordsmithing.  Thanks to the class I took at Pennsic, I felt much more comfortable in coming up with the words.  It also helped that the right up had lots of information to pick and chose from.  This was also my first scroll doing Textura Quadratta.  I’m not 100% happy with how it is, but it looks pretty darn good and it went pretty easily.  I even figured out how to do the Majuscules without having to double stroke.  The nibs I use have just enough flex to give a double wide curve without lifting the pen.

Do ye all hear and tell others that we Kenric and Avelina King and Queen of the East make known the hard work and labors of Lady Katharine Slough.  For many a year she hath slaved away in the Kingdom kitchens concocting fanciful feasts for their Majesties and toiled in front of blazing ovens to provide baked goods for gatherings of demonstration.  Boundless has been her effort to provide meals of quality to the Kingdom.  Her service extends also to those who aid her in the kitchens, never missed is an opportunity to strengthen their culinary skills.  Therefore, at the request of the Companions and by Our wish do We induct Katharine into Our Order of the Silver Crescent, and further do Grant unto her exclusive right to bear these Arms:

(Take a moment for yourself and Get some Arms Girl)

In witness where of We set Our hand this 24th of September, Anno Societatis LI, at Closing of the Inne in Our Shire of Coldwood.

The whole scroll in all its glory.


Low and High-resolution scans of the top and bottom.

katharine-slough-osc_00top_00low katharine-slough-osc_00top_01high

katharine-slough-osc_01bottom_00low katharine-slough-osc_01bottom_01high

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