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Wynefryd Bredhers – Order of the Silver Wheel

Wynefryd Bredhers - OSW - 8 low resHoly gold on a Silver Wheel!  By the time the pieces all came together, I had roughly 3 and a half days to get this done.

Your nose was on time, but you were fifteen minutes late.  – Roxxane (movie)

The assignment came in, the scroll came in, there was communication issues on the words, but the words got to me the the weekend before it had to get shipped out.  That was the other major logistical hurdle, getting it to the event as we weren’t going this year.  Fortunately I had Thursday off and was able to overnight it!

The spacing draft was accomplished Sunday, the final was done over Monday and Tuesday evenings.  Both were late nights.  All in all I probably spent about 10 or 11 hours total on the calligraphy.  For as rushed as it was, I’m glad it doesn’t look too bad AND made it on time.

I consider myself lucky to have been able to get away with the 1mm Tape nib.  There was JUST enough room with the text.  The inks used were Walnut and Dragons Blood.  Both inks went well with the colors in the original manuscript.  The script however should have been Textura Quadratta, not Rotunda.

00 Arrival 01 By line 02 Measuring space 03 Starting lines 04 Lined 05 First Night 06 Second Night 07 Updated By line 08 Detail 09 Before line cleanup 10 Scan - Top 11 Scan - Bottom 13 Scan - high res

Calligraphy:     Lord Faolán an Sccreccain

Illumination:     Lady Lisabetta Medaglia

Words:       Baroness Nest verch Tangwistel



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