Scrolls Made

Hekja Hornajbrotr – OSW

While I had plenty of time from the acceptance of the assignment to the deadline, a lot of life happened. This scroll almost didn’t end up being.

My plans originally come up with a Cadel B but in the style of Insular Minuscule, but by the time I was able to sit down and work on it, I just could not brain it.

So, I ended up digging through my small stash of blanks that I had acquired when I first started scribing. Settled on one fitting of a Silver Wheel and got to work.

I played around with the spacing a little bit to make it look a little less blocky and a little more delicate. I also took the time to play with some flourish ideas with pencil, before putting ink to them. So glad I did. Taking the time to map them out instead of creating them on the fly made them so much more rewarding to look at once I cleaned up the pencil marks

The ink I used was the Scribal Workshop Buckthorn and Cochineal. The light gold tone worked really well with the delicate feel, and the purple-red feels subtly eye-catching, and less demanding.


Be it known that Our good and noble Herra Hekja Hornajbrotr has worked long and hard for the benefit of Our Kingdom, most especially their persistent willingness to pitch in and help out wherever possible. From serving as deputy seneschal to the planning of events. As co-land agent for Settmour Swamp at Pennsic, their steadfast efforts to make sure there was a spot for everyone, where the increased number of pilgrims and constrained space made a difficult time for land management. Therefore by Our wish, We Matthias and Feilinn Rex and Regina of the Eastrealm, do induct the noble Hekja into Our Order of the Silver Wheel. In witness whereof We set Our hand this day, Anno Societatis LVIIII(58), at Bhakail Yule in Our Barony of Bhakail.

Illumination done by Palotzi Marti