Wine ink (part 1)

Back in September of 2019, while packing to move, I”d stumbled across two partial bottles of red wine. A sniff test told me that they were pretty much undrinkable. I”d be a shame to throw them out, besides, red wines have tannins, right? Also, I thought I”d read that wine was sometimes used as ink. So I bottled up the dregs into a jar and packed it away for after the move.

It”s now, finally, after the move and it”s time to do something with it. During the move, I found a stash of to-go milk containers from when my daughter was really-itty-bitty. These seemed to be the perfect time to get some use out of them rather than throw them away.

I divided the wine up into four containers. Two to be kept in reserve as a baseline. A single 325mg Ferrous Sulfate (iron) tablet was crushed and added to one, two tablets were crushed and added to another. I can already see some darkening as the Sulfate started to mix in.

Now to let it sit for a bit so it can decide what it wants to be while I working on acquiring quantities of Gum Arabic to thicken it.

As long as I didn”t lose too much of the tannins when I let it sit in storage, it should be alright. When I emptied the original jar, there was a film around the inside, hopefully, that wasn”t a part I needed. I did try to scrape and mix in what I could.