Awards Received

Order of the Silver Crescent

What a Surprise! I’ve been made a Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent, the East Kingdoms Order of High Merit for Service. I’m still taken aback by the award. I was really expecting a Silver Wheel first. Clearly, my perception of the service I’ve performed compared to where the bar is, needs to be re-assessed on my end. While I was in shock at the event a friend explained to me that Yes, in fact, I have been doing This level of service for a long time and that what I perceived as the level for Crescent would actually be more appropriately applied to the Order of the Pelican.

Much to my delight, Katrusha and John teamed up to create my scroll. I’ve been a big fan of Katrusha’s work and skill for a long time and was giddy when I found out they did the scroll. John provided the words with the guidance of Aislinn. John has had access to legal documents from 13th c. through 15th c. and has been considering doing wordsmithing. I’m overjoyed that his foray into the arena was for me, and he knocked it out of the park.

I was presented with two medallions. One from my Wife, Maria, who had secreted one away from the stash we inherited. The second was a Legacy from my Laural, Fiona, who passed it down to Amia, and now It’s mine to hold onto until the next Crescent in our family line.


Brennan and Caoilfhionn, the fourth of that name, by right of arms, Ardri and Ardrigain,
Autokrator kai Autokratera Tis Anatolis, to all present and future who will see these
words, greetings!

It is Our wish to make it manifest to the notice of all present and future by the contents
of these: that since a noble and humble servant of Our Kingdom, Faolán an Screccain,
Our faithful landed Baron of Concordia of the Snows, from the first always brought
pleasing and skilled service to Our Kingdom with the zeal of indefatigable enthusiasm, a
steady hand, and great skill; especially when the land was overshadowed by previously
unheard fear and doubt, caused the great plague, and for no short space of time under
strict quarantine as in a prison and subject to manifold edicts and laws; that Faolán,
being a model of reassurance and calm, with equality and even measure as co-steward
did minister to Our people and cause them and Our lands to thrive æthereally and in
truth. Our Barony and the East are made fairer and brighter by his example.

That this same honorable and much esteemed Faolán, submitting himself, his energies,
and talents also to the aid of Our Office of the Signet, does make Our divers letters,
pronouncements, and grants most stately and lovely to behold, whether under scorching
sun, environs fair and comfortable, in his rooms, by mede and hill, near to the Crown or
far removed; in divers and sundry times cheerfully ready to render this service to Our
forebears, Ourselves, and Our Heirs; puissant in both his hands, “Utraque manu dextra
et sinistra scribens”, a skill bringing amazement and trembling to all who see it.
Further, this service he freely gives without benefice, or fee, or any recompense beyond
the pleasure of the Kingdom, and moreover does gladly teach the same to students who
seek it, whether by the right or the left.

All of which more certainly We do not in any way doubt is known and revealed in this
way to the monarchs of distant lands, the venerable dukes, counts, barons, and all
nobles and gentles of Our Kingdom of the East; and since for the immense loyalties of
this kind and many others in the continuous difficulties which can hardly be
enumerated because of their quantity, he, Faolán, should be exalted with multiple
declaration of praises and We should respond for the exigency of loyalty; in some
recompense for his services, do We now list Faolán an Screccain, by right and
irrevocably, to Our Order of the Silver Crescent, with all its benefits and privileges, and
grant by the authorities of these presents that Our noble servant Faolán may hold and
exercise this honor himself, with all its rights, privileges, powers, and responsibilities,
free and without let, bearing the ensign of the order. In memory and perpetual stability
of which thing, We establish the present letters strengthened by the protection of Our
double seal, at the Wars of the Roses, in the Barony of Concordia of the Snows, this 58th
year of the Society.

The next day, several of my dear friends in Willows Keep, gifted me with a period style scribal desk, along with a pen stand, and a bag to hold them in. All of which had my porcupine holding a quill pen. (pictures soon)