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Joel Messerer – Writ

To say I was blown away when Amanda (Aife) reached out to me for this writ was an understatement.  Then our Baroness of Concordia of the Snows reached out to me as well, I was floored.  It was another week or so before the official writ was requested through the Tiger Signet, which I all but demanded from her.

I’m Very pleased with how it turned out!  One of my best yet if I do say so myself.  A lot of time, effort, and studying went into making this happen.  The details were the best part.  Going through and adding the red lines and then the little tails and loops really made this piece for me.  The one thing that hit me after I was done, was how the f and long-s were done, and how I was able to do them with a single stroke, but really.  I can live with how they look in this piece.


  • Mitchell Size 5 nib (~.75mm)
  • ruling pen
  • crow quill pen
  • DeAtramentis Document Black Archival ink
  • DeAtramentis Document Red Archival ink
  • Pergamentata

Script:  15th Century Fraktur from the Gebetbuch Maximilians I, Ausburg, 1515 Manuscript.


To our good and loyal subject, Lord Joel Messerer of Vestfell, do We, Ivan, King of the East, and Matilde, great and noble Queen, send greetings. Often we have listened to stories of the glories of antiquities. How valiant heroes battled, prevailing against powerful cities that fell before them. In Our halls, minnesängers sing of great courtly love. Yet, these are not the only stories We have heard. Though deeds of service are rarely cloaked in glory, those deeds form the foundation of our Society. We have as of late heard of your many works of service, great and small.

Therefore, in response to the fervent petition of our populace, and with consultation with Our Order of the Pelican, do we demand that our faithful subject present himself at Our Court At the Sign of the Dancing Fox to answer the question we now put before him. To wit, whether he will consent to elevation to the Order of the Pelican.

Such is Our will and joyful expectation,

Calligraphy: Lord Faolán an Sccreccain
Words: The Anchoress of Ayntre

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