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Auron MacInstalker – Award of Arms

I love doing scrolls for friends, and getting a bunch of friends toghether makes it all the better!  Lorita had approached me for the calligraphy over EK 50.  We then went over to Aislinn for wording ideas as she’d submitted the request.  While hashing out ideas, Aislinn idelly mumbled a “There was once a Laird MacInstalker…”.  We all looked at each other and decided that it must become the thing.  Aislinn and Arthur took the reigns on coming up with the full words for the scroll.

I’d like to mention how hard it was for me to pen this limirick.  Now, over the years I’ve managed to hone my focus so that I culd pen a scroll at a busy event with minimal corrections, if any.  This, this piece of work made its way into my brain.  Half way though, I had to trash the original because I’d started mushing verses together.  The second version took me going letter by letter, transcribing slowly to keep from reciting it and having to start again.


King Brennan, who reigns in the East
Under banner of blue Tyger beast
With Caoilfhionn, the queen,
Together have seen
Fit one gentle’s honor to increase.

There once was an Auron MacInstalker
His Dream: to invoke peals of laughter
By the fire he’d watch
Til Someone offered scotch
And soon he’d become quite the talker.

The hot summer’s night would go on
Some would say good taste was forgone
He’d sit by the fire,
And shout: “KILT-ENTIRE!”
(The bard barely got through that song)

But fireside tales aside,
When work’s to be done, he’ll abide.
He’ll slave in the kitchen
At the Gate he’ll pitch in
Taking care to finish tasks with pride

The Award of Arms, Auron has earned
For the service to Crown he has learned
Not to work himself to death
Drinking with his last breath
Till the last fire ember has burned.

On this day of AS fifty third
At Pennsic through heat that’s absurd
The Tuesday of court
Will not be cut short
So that Auron’s award shall be incurred

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