A written notice or charge placed on an individual to appear before their Majesties. Usually simple in design, like a letter or legal notice.

Jean-Paul Ducasse - Writ for Laural

To say I was giddy when Lylie reached out to me for this would be an understatement.  Didn’t have to worry about the words, Alys was working on those.  The script was easy, Littera Bastarda because it’s really close to Batârde.  The execution though, that was the thing for me to noddle.  The big factor […]

Joel Messerer - Writ

To say I was blown away when Amanda (Aife) reached out to me for this writ was an understatement.  Then our Baroness of Concordia of the Snows reached out to me as well, I was floored.  It was another week or so before the official writ was requested through the Tiger Signet, which I all […]

Terren of Tir - Writ for Laurel

Another simple knotwork and Uncial.  The first writ I’d officially been tapped for.  It was fun mapping out the knotwork and fitting the text in. Calligraphy & Illumination:  Faolán an Sccreccain Words:  Baroness Nest verch Tangwistel