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Jean-Paul du Casse – Write for Laurel

Baroness Lylie of Penhyll reached out to me for her Barons write!  I was beside myself with glee.  As writs are supposed to be kept simple, I really couldn’t add any illumination.  I’d have to rely on the text and while Textura Quadrata is flourishing, I could not help but add my own touch of sparkle, literally.  It’s hard to see, but up close, and at the right angle, the sparkle comes through. This piece also marked my first real Cadel going out in a scroll.  Lots of practice went into trying to get the B just right.  It was totally worth it.  Admittedly, I may have kept the sparkes a little heavy in the Cadel.  


Brennan Imperator and Caoilfhionn Imperatrix to Jean-Paul Ducasse. Since we intend to have a consultation and meeting with the principal persons of our kingdom with regard to the constitution of our Order of the Laurel, on that account, we have commanded the said Order to be with us in August at Pennsic War to consider, ordain and do as may be necessary for the proper continuance thereof; We therefore strictly require you to attend upon us at the aforesaid place and time, to hear the counsel of the aforesaid Order and such other notable persons as shall be in attendance, the task being before you to answer the question whether you will accept elevation to the aforenamed Order.  You should attend upon us on the date abovenamed prepared with full and sufficient power to answer the question so that the aforesaid business shall not remain unfinished in any way.   Witness at Quintavia upon April 7 in the fifty-second year.


  • Perg
  • Homemade Black Walnut ink (with perlex added)

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