Scrolls Made

Fionnghuala the Volatile – Order of the Silver Brooch

I was happy to take on the assignment, unfortunately, it was before roses which is a very prep-heavy event for me currently. I had to rely on the donated words of Alys. I love the words that Alys donated to the scribes, but I wish I could have gotten Aislinn to do the words as she’s a friend of Fionnghuala. Especially since they both got their Broochs at the same event!

I’m really enjoying the Cadels. It’s been fun seeing what I can hide in the nooks and crannies of the letter to personalize it to the recipient. In this case the manatee from her Arms, the carboy and bees for her brewing and mead making, and the brushes and pens for her illumination.

I would have made her Arms more prominent, but she already had her AoA, but I couldn’t NOT put something personal in the whitespace of the N.