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Allaster del Blair – AoA

Another collaborative scroll with Lorita de Siena.  The second where we’d changed up the order of operations.  Words and calligraphy were put down on paper and then handed off to Lorita. It took a load of stress off, but I didn’t get to see the final piece.  I had a bit of fun with this piece.  There was an e that I had to stack, and several elongated “n”s.


Let it be known to all that We, Ioannes Emperor and Honig Empress have found the many good works and services, especially the dedication to ones Barony of Allaster del Blair to be of much merit. By strengthening his skills in fencing and thrown weapons he has become thrown weapons champion for his barony, and in martialing of said activities, he has worked to strengthen the populace. Thus, on this Tenth day of June, Anno Societatis LII, We are moved to Award unto him Arms to be borne by him alone: Or, a chevron engrailed gules between two jambes erased sable and a fox’s mask gules. Done by Our hand at Southern Region War Camp in Our Barony of Carillion.



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