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Sorcha Inghean Duinn – AoA

12 - Sorcha Inghean Ui - AoA - FINISHED

This was an interesting scroll to work on.  Baroness Lillian atte Valeye did an awesome job on the Illumination.  The only spot that wasn’t done was the arms.  When the request first came though there was an error in the name, so there was not arms associated.  That wasn’t fixed until after I’d received the scroll.  After verifying with Nest, we’d found the individual and her arms.

10 - Sorcha Inghean Ui - AoA - prepThe catch is that this meant I now had to either find someone to do the arms or do them myself.  By the time I’d finished the calligraphy, I had about a day to get the arms done.  I’ve never done illumination before.  I must say, I think it turned out well enough for someone who has never done arms, illumination, or used acrylic paints.  I’ve used gouache, so I was familiar with how it handled, but acrylic handles differently.  Where I thought I was able to make some corrections, but it didn’t really help.  The acrylic just wasn’t very forgiving, every correction I tried to make just built up on the layer under it.  I learned a lot from this brief adventure with this medium.  I also learned that I don’t like it, I prefer gouache.

Some cleanup was needed:

 Photo Apr 12, 22 11 52

A few of my favorite touches sections of the scroll:

7 - Sorcha Inghean Ui - AoA - love the fifty 8 - Sorcha Inghean Ui - AoA - selflessly

And to Baroness Lillian atte Valeye, I’m very very very sorry that I applied acrylic pants to the scroll.  Very, very sorry indeed.






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