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Marjorie Parmentar – AoA

Marjorie Parmentar - AoA - Low Res My second work with Lorita.  This one done in Bastard Secretary.  Admittedly it’s a little late period and english, but I didn’t have the time to learn Bâtarde, which would have been more appropriate.  I had some issues with my inks on the paper.  The read feathered slightly, but the red feathered a LOT.  Disappointingly so.  Which is odd, because my ink test on the back was okay.

Translation: Nathalie Royne

Calligraphy:  Lord Faolán an Sccreccain

Words & Illumination:  Lorita de Siena


Marjorie Parmentar - AoA - High Res
High Res Image 
Work in progress
Work in progress

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