Consort’s Award of Esteem

The Consort’s Award of Esteem may be awarded by the Consort, for any reason they deem worthy, in order to recognize an act, a series of acts, or general behavior that is not already properly recognized by other East Kingdom awards. This award will be given solely at the Consort’s discretion. A gentle may receive the Consort’s Award of Esteem more than once, and no upper or lower limits on the number to be awarded per Reign will be imposed.

The Consort’s Award of Esteem includes all gentles who previously received the Queen’s Honour of Distinction or the Queen’s Award of Esteem.

Today I was awarded the Consorts Award of Esteem from Consul Alberic von Rostock. At the start of his reign, he asked for assistance in coming up with a signature for scroll signing. I was more than happy to provide several examples of possible signatures for both his personal persona and that of the Reign, […]