Matija Potocnik – AoA

It’s funny the way somethings fall together.  After being tapped for I was asked to the calligraphy for this scroll. I didn’t think too much of it initially as I hadn’t read the write-up for the other scroll.  While waiting on words for this scroll, I started the draft for the other and ran across Matija’s name as the submitter for Astridr.  Wait, what?  Yes, the lightbult hurt a little when it lit with the knowledge that Matija was Matt, married to Stephanie, SCAKA: Astridr!  I got to do the scrolls for another couple!  I made sure to put every little bit of ligature and “neat”, that I could.


Great Brennan, Emperor so fierce and bold, and Caoilfhionn, Empress fiery and fair,
to all Their Eastern subjects now declare: “Good acts of service value more than gold, and rapier skill is joyful to behold.

Our barony Concordia does bear
one gentle who well pleases Us. Aware that such good work must never go untold, We give to Matija now the rank of Lord and privilege to bear his Arms, with all
the rights and joys this title does afford. This thirtieth day of June in Our court-hall at EK Fiftieth, We set Our words.
Bear witness to this deed now, one and all.”

Done in AS 53, in the shire of Glenn Linn.


  • Archers cold press paper
  • Home made black walnut ink
  • 1mm Tape nib

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