Jean-Paul Ducasse – Writ for Laural

To say I was giddy when Lylie reached out to me for this would be an understatement.  Didn’t have to worry about the words, Alys was working on those.  The script was easy, Littera Bastarda because it’s really close to Batârde.  The execution though, that was the thing for me to noddle.  The big factor is that it’s a writ, which is supposed to be a small written notice.  So, how do you add a little style when you know there’s going to be a lot of words?  Boom, Cadel.

This is one of those “There’s a first time for everything” moments.  I’d never done a Cadel before, and I didn’t yet know what the first letter of the scroll was going to be.

I’m going to digress a little bit here.  Ever have one of those projects that are plagued with delays at almost every turn?  Well, this was one of those.  Life got in the way, for everyone involved.  Two weeks before the due date, things finally fell into place.  I had words, an idea for the cadel, and time.


Brennan Imperator and Caoilfhionn Imperatrix to Jean-Paul Ducasse. Since we intend to have a consultation and meeting with the principal persons of our kingdom with regard to the constitution of our Order of the Laurel, on that account, we have commanded the said Order to be with us in August at Pennsic War to consider, ordain and do as may be necessary for the proper continuance thereof; We therefore strictly require you to attend upon us at the aforesaid place and time, to hear the counsel of the aforesaid Order and such other notable persons as shall be in attendance, the task being before you to answer the question whether you will accept elevation to the aforenamed Order.  You should attend upon us on the date abovenamed prepared with full and sufficient power to answer the question so that the aforesaid business shall not remain unfinished in any way.   Witness at Quintavia upon April 7 in the fifty-second year.

Words:       Mistress Alys Mackyntoich

I don’t recall where I found the B, but it was simple yet ornate enough for a writ, and something that I could probably work out in the time I had.  Through a few days of practice, and some guidance from my Laurel, I was able to put together something that would work.

Now, a friend once told me “Everyone deserves at least a little bit of bling”.  The thing is, how do you add a little bit of bling to a writ for a person who gets stuff done in the background, who is a master of stealth?  Why, add a little clear perlex to your black walnut ink.  (cue evil laugh)  The sparkle is subtle, but apparent when you look at it from an angle.  Very happy with how the writ turned out.  It’ll be hard to let this one go.


  • Pergamenata (natural color)
  • Walnut Ink (with perlex added)
  • 1mm Tape nib and a random pointed nib for some of the flourish lines

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