Symon of Barnsdale – Order of the Silver Wheel

This was a fun scroll to dive into.  The more I learned about Symon, the more I wanted to nerd out on it.  He’s the Webminister to Carolingia, who just overhauled their web site.  A task similar to what I did when I took the Webminister spot for Concordia.  Not only has he been supporting his own barony, but also the East Kingdom Webministry as well.  This seemed more and more like a wonderful oppertunity to make a fun scroll.  I reached out to his Seneschal to make sure she was cool with the idea, and she was.  Thus, my first scroll to include html came to be.

The layout is loosely based off of liber decretalium of Gregory IX 13c.  The original Ms. was black text with brown notes which were added much later.  I probably could have done the wheel a littel smaller, but overall I’m glad I added it in.  I’m happy with the overall execution.


  • DeAtrementis Document Black/Red ink
  • Dr. P.h Martins Copper Plate Gold ink
  • Leonardt .75mm(#5) and 1mm nibs.
  • Archers 9″x12″ hot press paper.
  • Roughly 14hrs. total


Know ye all that Our good and noble Symon of Barnsdale has worked long and hard for the benefit of Our Kingdom, most especially as Webminister and Thrown Weapons Marshal for Carolingia.  Dutifully he has carried out his Seneschals wishes of “Just, make it functional” and made his presence known by looking for content with cries of “Bring out your Text”.

Indeed, often he has run thrown weapons practice in his own back yard. Therefore, by Our wish, We, Ivan and Matilde Tsar and Tsaritsa of the Eastrealm, do induct the noble Symon into Our Order of the Silver Wheel. In witness whereof We set Our hand this 7th day of April, Anno Societatis 52, in Our Shire of Quintavia.

I’m really happy with how I was able to devide the text and have it work around the wheel, just right.  The gold htmlcode, while painful to do, turned out better than I had imagined.  Next time I’ll have to figure out a better nib for the gold ink, as it didn’t work quite right with all the contures of the Leonardt  #5 nib.

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