Insular Miniscule

Ástríðr Musi - Order of the Maunche

So another friend was tagged for a thing, a BIG thing, and I was asked to do not only the calligraphy, but the illumination too! I talked with my Laural and found a layout that would work for a 10th Century Scottish Viking.  The example I found didn’t offer everything I needed, but it was […]

Birth Announcement

My friend Keziah requested a custom berth announcement scroll for some friends of hers.  Turnes out they’re huge Lord of the Rings fans.  As I’m steadfast against teaching myself Tengwar (the official elvish script of LotR) I decided to go with Insular Miniscule and Insular Half-Uncial.  the Miniscule is close to Tengwar, and the Half-Uncial I […]